“Do What You Love and Success Will Follow.”  Teodoro Portes owner of Car Lovers Automotive


aboutDear Client,

Car Lovers Automotive started out as my fascination with cars. After moving to the US I decided to study Electro Mechanical Engineering. While in school I had a job and interned at an auto shop. I worked very hard to get that internship. Many other shops denied me because I didn’t have the experience, but Victor Alexander, the owner of that shop gave me my chance! I remember telling him that I would work for free, and having a deadline of two weeks to show him my work ethic.  My work ethic solidified a position for me, and I stayed at that shop for 10 years.

Working as a technician made me love cars even more! It wasn’t just about the way cars looked on the outside, but what made them run on the inside that interests me. The most important part for me is the relationships I built. Being able to fulfill customer concerns made my personal clientele grow. Living up to my belief of giving quality work and treating everyone as family transferred over to my shop. When Car Lovers Automotive first opened I didn’t have much trouble finding customers because of the quality work that they previously received.

In 2005, when my shop opened I didn’t have a definite plan for the shop. It was just about fixing cars. The only thing that I knew was that I purchased a shop, and wanted it to be successful! After taking management classes in California I had a clear idea of how I wanted my shop to run. Consistency, quality, and building relationships are our main focus at Car Lovers Automotive. Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations.
I was the first and only technician at Car Lovers when I first opened. Now we have 4 technicians and 1 secretary. We are family owned and operated. Every employee shares the same drive and vision for the company; it shows in the customer reviews. Most people that choose Car Lovers Automotive will always choose Car Lovers Automotive. We have many lifetime customers that are now a part of the Car Lovers family!

At this time my goal is still the same for the shop, but along with that I want to inspire. Young people can look at my story and use it to help them find their purpose in life, or just to inspire them to do better.



Teodoro Portes