Crystal Clear Driving Visibility

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“Rain, Rain, Go Away”. It has been raining for the past couple of days in Brooklyn, NY. Cloudy skies, short days, and even longer nights. Driving in these conditions is something that all drivers should be prepared for. Driving visibility is extremely important. The safety of drivers comes first. Here are a few tips to ensure “Crystal Clear Driving Visibility”.

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Back-To-School Tips

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Where did the time go? The summer is coming to an end in Brooklyn, NY. Students are now preparing to go back to school. To-Do list are being made with many expenses to arrange. Necessities are at the top of the list and requests fall to the end. During this time most people may put the needs of their cars at the end of the list. Understandable, it is very hard for a vehicle to compete with your necessity to purchase books, and other school supplies. However, preventative maintenance is also very important, especially during the back to school season. Commuting becomes daily, and if you’re a college student that lives on campus more than likely you would have to drive long  distances. Which just equals out to more driving!

To help prevent maintenance issues or potentially costly repairs, Car Lovers Automotive suggests you check the following:


1. Keep Up with Basic Maintenance: Make sure to complete simple maintenance tasks like oil changes and tire rotations. Check all the fluid levels and top them off if necessary including brake fluid, transmission fluid and coolant. If you can’t remember the last time you changed your wiper blades, you might want to invest in some now before rain’s fall takes its toll. While these are simple, minimal maintenance items, they will extend the life of your vehicle and keep it functioning properly.

2. Check the Owner’s Manual: Familiarize yourself with the recommended maintenance schedule. If it is time for a 60,000 mile service, take the time to have the vehicle serviced. Most major repairs can be prevented by following manufacturer recommendations. These services are inexpensive in the long run and help ensure you and your family are safe on the road.

3. Check Your Dash Board: Have you grown accustomed to a warning light? Don’t ignore it! Have it checked out sooner rather than later. Again, catching a problem early will prevent costly repairs in the future.

4. Be Prepared: Make sure the vehicle has basic safety equipment including jumper cables, a pair of gloves, flashlight with extra batteries, washer fluid and other items. A pre-packaged auto safety kit is also a great choice. They are compact and provide everything you need. Some other good ideas include granola bars, compact winter shovels, ice scrapers, blankets and bottled water.

5. Stay Organized: The cars of busy college students and parents with children in school often resemble cargo trucks after the start of school. Books, sports equipment, gym shoes, etc. often find a permanent home in vehicles. So stay organized! There are a number of bags and organizers which can help maximize the space in your trunk. Carve out some space just for your safety equipment so you will always be prepared.

6. Know Your Car: Pay attention to your car and familiarize your child with the car as well. Make sure they know where they can find the safety equipment, spare tire and owner’s manual. Familiarize yourselves with the particular noises of your car so you are more aware of anything unfamiliar and different.

Car Lovers Auto Values Your Opinion

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We are expanding to meet the needs of our customers, no added stress just high-quality repairs.

Your service is important to us at Car Lovers. This letter is to simply keep our clients informed on the programs that we are creating to enhance your auto mechanic experie

nce. Our goal is to not only fix your car, but to ensure that you receive pleasing customer service. We want to make things more convenient for you.

Check us out on the Web!

Over the last year our shop has expanded to the Internet. Just another way for you to keep in contact with your reliable mechanics! Check out our new website. We are also on Face book and Twitter. Please like our Face book page (Car Lovers Automotive). Please follow us on twitter (@CarloversAuto). Write reviews! We appreciate them, it lets us kn


ow exactly what our customers need, and what actions we should take to keep you satisfied.  

 New benefits and services

 Here is a list of some of our new services–if you are interested please do not hesitate to contact us with your inquiries.

·         Diesel Inspection- We are now licensed by the state of NYC to conduct diesel 


·         Inspection Reminding Services- We will contact you before your inspection 

expires to avoid any extra headaches and fees.

·         Auto Club- Some services are complementary from our shop, but the premium package consists of discounts and services for a yearly fee.

We Do Body Work 

If you have not stopped by 22 Berriman Street yet please do so. This new shop is called Go Green Auto Service Corp, but is owned and operated by Car Lovers own certified technicians. Just mention that you have read this newsletter, and receive ten-dollars off your next service. Your continual service is valued by our staff.

4 tips to Ensure Your Vehicle is Ready for the Winter

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October is Fall Car Care Month.

Constant driving throughout the spring, summer and fall will result in normal “wear and tear” on your vehicle. It is very important to make sure your vehicle is ready for winter weather. As we all know the winter is very cold and the weather conditions may bring snow and icy roads. Our vehicles must be ready for this in order to sustain  comfort and most importantly for safety.  Here are some tips that we recommend you follow. It’s simple. We care for you, and would like to save you from headaches or any extra expenses due to an emergency breakdown.


Tip #1

Battery- Cold weather can really shorten the battery life, so it is wise to check the battery and the charging system. When your car battery dies there is generally no sign of trouble, it just dies.  So make sure the battery connections are clean, tight, and corrosion free.  Car batteries average up to 4 years. It is very important to have it tested before the winter weather. Don’t get stuck in the cold because suddenly you car will not start.


Tip #2

Heater, Defroster, and wiper blades- We all want to be warm in our vehicles during the winter months. Make sure to check that the heating, ventilating, and the air condition system are working properly. This is not only important to stay warm, but also for safety reasons, such as defrosting.


Tip #3

Tires- Check your tires pressure and depth.  Next to the brakes, the tires are the most important safety devices on the car. Also make sure you check the tires for bulges and bald spots.  If anything is incorrect with your tires you may risk an accident. We suggest that you check your tires once a week during the winter, tires lose pressure when the temperature drops. It is very important to check your tires especially before the weather produces snow and ice.


Tip #4

Brakes- Check your brakes system, including brake lining rotors and drums. Brakes are very critical not only for your safety, but for the safety of others. The brakes on a vehicle ensure that the vehicle stops. It is very important to be able to make a clean stop especially when there is snow and ice.


Be proactive and make sure your vehicle is ready to endure the harsh winter weather! Also Car Lovers Automotive has a promotion for a  21 point Comprehensive Safety Visual Check. The promotion is valid until October 31,2013.


Need more info about our promotions? Check out our promotions and coupons page.