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About Us

Dear Valued Client,

Car Lovers Automotive started out as my fascination with cars. After moving to the US I followed my passion, my dream, in deciding to study Electro Mechanical Engineering. While in school I had the perfect job where I interned at a one-stop auto shop. I worked very hard and remained passionately focused to earn that internship. Many other shops denied me the opportunity because I didn’t yet have the experience they required for their advantage and benefit, but Mr. Victor Alexander, the owner of that wonderful shop gave me my first chance! I can never forget how it all began. I remember telling him that I’d be willing to work free of charge with a deadline of two weeks in which to convince him of my work ethic if he were so kind as to allow me my opportunity to start fulfilling my dream. So boy was I ecstatic when, after I implored good Mr. Alexander to please accept such a deal, he actually went ahead and acceded! I couldn’t believe it! It was as if I was having the happiest, most exciting dream like winning the Mega Lotto! Bless his kind, benevolent soul; I can never thank him enough for it and will always remain eternally grateful for it! My passion and solid work ethic at such an age quickly impressed my boss Mr. A and solidified that position for me, where I remained diligently working in that great shop gaining invaluable experience and expertise consecutively for 10 wonderful years of learning and preparation on a daily basis because I was blessed with being able to constantly repeatedly apply such and put them into practice, due to the good fortunes that shop enjoyed of always being replete with all type of work of every car-related need, as it was also a one-stop car solutions shop that did it all to my advantage, as that precise situation and setting was just the opportunity and medium I needed to continue my growth in this wonderful industry with all the endless on-the-job training opportunities I needed to perfectly prepare me for the realization of my very own ultimate dream goal: which was always to someday open my very own one-stop auto repair shop specializing in every car-related issues and needs that can possibly arise in all vehicles.

Working as a vehicle technician made me love cars even more because the more I understood them the more I cherished them! It wasn’t just about the way cars look on the outside, but what made them function on the inside and how that function comes to being is what interests me the most and I never tire of it. The most important part for me is the relationships I built. Being able to fulfill client concerns helped my personal clientele grow at an impressive pace. Living up to my belief of always providing quality work at the fairest, most affordable prices while treating everyone as family transferred over to my shop as its core foundation. When Car Lovers Automotive first opened I didn’t have any trouble whatsoever finding clients as they actually found us because of their loyalty instilled in them by the quality work they previously received.

In 2005, when my shop first opened I didn’t have a definite plan for the shop, other than hat it was all about fixing cars with top quality, all-around reasonably priced services in a one-stop solution manner because we were empowered with the complete expertise, training, experience, personnel, tools, equipment and resources to successfully do it all, everything having to do with all car-related issues in existence that arise in vehicles. I knew I purchased a shop and was confident it’d be successful! After taking management classes in California I had a clear idea of how I wanted my shop to run. Consistency, quality, affordability with complete customer satisfaction while building relationships are our main focus at Car Lovers Automotive. Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations.

I was the first and only technician at Car Lovers when I first opened it. Now we have 4 technicians and 1 secretary. We are family owned and operated. Every employee shares the same drive and vision for the company; it shows in the customer reviews. Most people that choose Car Lovers Automotive will always choose Car Lovers Automotive. We have many lifetime customers that are now a part of the Car Lover’s family!

At this time my goal is still the same for the shop, but along with that I want to inspire. Young people can look at my story and use it to help them find their purpose in life, or just to inspire them to do better.


Teodoro Portes