Customer Reviews

Testimonials reflect the customers’ feedback through means of a documented mechanism. The entire team at Cars Lovers Automotive Inc. takes immense pride in the fact that it has received positive customer reviews from our patrons. They have expressed their immense satisfaction related to our general maintenance, tire services, transmission services, and engine services through their reviews. Many of them have vowed to give our services a try again when its about their vehicle’s tire or overall maintenance services. These reviews make our team a lot more pleased & gratified by such to be even more confident to strive more for qualitative service delivery at affordable prices.

Wiz Dumb

I was dealing with car issues for a while. I went to them and immediately they knew the issue and fixed my car for good, not like the other a-holes who took lots more of my money buy left me with the same problem recurring after just 3 days that I had paid them top dollar for them fixing it supposedly from what they told they did so when they charged me for it So that’s the only good thing my otherwise a-hole brother-in-law has ever done for me: and that let me know about those great mechanics Car Lovers Autobile . They are now my car’s mechanic for the entirety of my car’s life and every car I ever have, that’s for sure. I highly recommend them and prices are reasonable, but remember you pay for the quality of service and they definitely provide it. Peace of mind(car related) never felt so good. Good riddance to all the other a-holes of the world.

Mark Hendrickson

If you want someone you can trust, someone who does the job correct the first time and not worry about being overcharged then Car Lovers is the place to be. I’ve been a customer for over 16yrs and have recommended them to countless amounts of people, all of whom also became loyal customers. The one thing that stands out when you walk in is the professionalism aura and culture of the owner Teo, his staff, and his entire shop. Great man that chose the perfect profession for him because you he tell he was naturally born for this. You wont be disappointed . I highly recommend Car Lovers for your car needs. So much so I’d drive great distance to have my car serviced by him, brcause this guy’s a unique rarity difficult if not impossible to beat, compare or replaced. We car owners are so fortunate to have Car Lovers within our reach!

Samuel Bunbury

Car lovers provides excellent services. The staff and owner Theo are professional and personal. They communicate effectively with the customer in reference to repairs, price and recommendations. I strongly recommend Car Lovers to anyone. My personal experience has been Exceptional. I am always left feeling great and satisfied not to mention my car’s difference!

Stuart Zeitlin

I have been bringing all of my vehicles and my children’s vehicles to Car Lovers Auto for the past decade. At first I thought they were doing promotional with their prices for their business. buy after a decade I can’t believe their prices have remain so low. It’s amazing because I don’t understand how they do it and still turn a profit. Anyways we have no complaints quite the contrary, which is why even my children’s vehicle get serviced there. Because they are very professional and very friendly. They have the newest equipment and always deliver on their promises . Would give them a 6th star if it was an option. They know already how much we appreciate them because it’s not just our cars, we’ve recommended Car Lovers to just about every we know. So hopefully they’ll always be around to take care of our vehicles so we never have to deal with any other mechanics like all those other that always screw it up one way or another, stressing you out and leaving you with a bad feeling. That the Big Man Upstairs for the Car Lovers of this world!

William Windham

I find Car Lovers to be very knowledgeable. Honest and fair. They always fix my car in a timely manor and they always give me a list of recommendations to do at my own pace. So I going to just depend on them when my car needs a mechanic, I’llstick with Car Lovers auto repair.

Miles Cole

I had a really good experience with this shop. They were fast honest and a really nice group of guys. I’ll definitely be going back. My best friend’s already been there cause I told him about the CarLovers shop and he told me he’ll continue to return and we’re no longer dealing with anybody else. No more mechanics for us just Car Lovers Auto. That’s wassup.

Sofia Hassan

Beautiful & honest people run this place. You will not be disappointed nor annoyed ever. that’s the beauty of it you always know what to expect and know what you’re getting. This is the only place I trust with my vehicle!! My whole family and friends patronize only car Lovers Automobile.

Shayden’s Mom

I’ve been going to Car Lovers Inc for years and won’t stop because there’s no replacing them. They feel like family the service is top of the line because it’s lasting and you immediately feel the results. Theo is 1 of the nicest person you’d ever want to meet along with everyone in the shop. It’s a uniquely beautiful culture they maintain in their shop, some so rare to see these days. My experience have all always been the best most pleasant ones that ever since they have been handling all the car problems I have had since dealing only with them I no longer mind having car troubles because its always a delightful experience with Car Lovers they handle everything, take care of it all for you and they don’t ever try to rip you off and take your money. Theo Is a stand up person. Thank you for your amazing service ?. You guys are such a huge blessing. God bless you.

Kaitlyn Johan

Fast service and good prices. And their work always lasts my car and you feel the difference right away. Kind, straightforward hard working professionals you can tell are family-oriented so no wonder you notice their ethics; that’s why they undercharge instead of overcharging you like everyone else. Since I discovered Car lovers thanks to my best friend’s referral as a car-owner I no longer worry about the responsibility and hassle if my car ever has problems of any kind as we know to normally expect from time to time with used cars, especially the maintenance part is a sure must every 3 months or so. I know I just have to let Car lovers handle everything. that’s definitely a gamechanger I,m so fortunate to be hooked up with them because lemme tell ya, before Car lovers it was always a nightmare headache. so much that a few times I even thought of selling my car and using public transportation but then I’ve always been so scared of the subways for most of this Millenium. Thanks to Car Lovers that worrisome issue has been resolved, so I keep them in my prayers that they stay open here and don’t move away very too far from me. Thank you so kindly, gentlemen; your services a much greatly appreciated. Godspeed.

Ketan Choudhary

I have been to many garages and dealt with many mechanics in my life, because I’ve had car’s for decades since I’m not a youngblood and I love rides. I have to say honestly this place has been the best so far in terms of quick service with no talk of difficulties, more problems,whatever., only transparency, the job etc. keeping it real at all times. And the part I liked the most was the interaction. The owner and the staff here is just amazing to talk to, Dude actually cares like you his family and the car he fixing is his. Not like most other car repairing guys who make you feel like you’re unwanted there and they trying to get over on you trying to overcharge on bogus claims. Car Lovers never like That. Them other mechanics you go too fix something they always say more things is wrong that they tell you they fixed and want more green paper. Car Lovers never be like that. That’s I’m feeling them always and all my fam peeps and homies go there cause
Bottom line, I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone I know got aride and is looking for a great service and great experience. They Da Man in car fixing and hooking them up, for real! Great job! Keep it up & more power to you! 1-Love.

Dean Blake

Brought my truck in 2002 Dodge Ram1500, the team assessed my issue, gave me their best recommendations, did not push pull additional unnecessary work, repaired the problem and even showed me my old parts before I paid for service. Great experience!! Old-school customer service. been with them since, the other shop. Very much appreciated. Always reliable irresponsible, ,Dean

Tony Hill

I have been very satisfied with the work they have done on my vehicle every time. A coworker recommend Car Lovers Automotive to me. Because its convenient for me from house I love it. Now I vouch for them too. mad good. So cool I got a discount too last time with a coupon. Don’t know how they make money cause they prices was already mad cheap. Good looking out my dudes, you’re much appreciated. Respect.


I have been going to Car Lovers for almost 10yrs. Wow a decade! Never been with the same mechanics for so long before because eventually there’s always a problem. They wanna bs you trying to get over and give you crappy job for lots money. Still haven’t had that with Car Lovers and knowing them so good by now at this stage I don’t expect that bad moment two come. ind Theo @ the Crew there to be knowledgeable in their craft of Auto repair. Very Friendly & Curtious. All respect!The Prices are good. The Service is Awesome. I Highly Suggest & Recommend them to Family as well as friends. Everybody can work with them. They come through and don’t rob you.

Yusuf Williams

Excellent service very polite know what they doing very professional n not gready. All good in da hood!

Channing Franklin

I was referred to Car Lovers Auto by another mechanic 2 years ago, and due to the level of service I received I have been wit them ever since RELIGIOUSLY. Always a pleasant experience From the time you walk in the door you are treated with kindness and care and respect they so attentive wit you always listen to you.. They are extremely professional, great skills and their pricing is reasonable. If you’re looking for a new mechanic you can stick wit I would DEFINITELY recommend Car Lovers!!

Anna Banks

I always get repairs done here in a timely fashion with at fare prices. The techs seem to be know right away everything my vehicle needs and fix them good n cheap price! Thank you guys. Sorry I couldn’t tip last time.I owe U dat!

Jackie Williams

The staff are fantastic…….and the price is reasonable…..I would recommend them to family and friends…Every one I know with a car….I’ve been goings there for about 8 yrs and no problems, everything cool

Tricia Scott

First of all, I’m particular about my vehicle since I rely on it so much. Aggravated and frustrated with Toyota BayRidge & Advantage Toyota with their overpriced shoddy services, I decided to try Teodoro’s shop which is across the street from our office @Encore Property Group since he was highly recommended by my Broker Neil. Best decision I made. I brought it in for maintenance but it needed a little more work. Not only is my car running BETTER than it has in a long time but the prices surprised me by how reasonable they are & for once I didn’t feel like I got robbed from the overpriced & under quality service of my vehicle that I’d received in the past. Definitely a great breath of fresh air, that’s for sure! much needed too after all I was put through at those lousey Toyota BayRidge & Advantatage Toyota. The advantage in there name only means they take advantage of you. they need to be sued or a complaint filed against them with the better business bureau and customer protection rights groups. If only I had the time.His son, Teo Jr. demonstrated exceptional customer service. Gracias Car Lovers, you’ve made a lover & true believer out of me ❤

Derek Bolden

Theo is a great mechanic, that take pride in his work. you could tell by the way they really get into their work likethey were fixing their car. and I couldn’t belive the price, I thought it was gonna be more I mean I was expecting it was gonna be much more.Wowwww. Nice!

Samuel Bunbury

Car lovers provides excellent services. The staff and owner Theo are professional and personal. They communicate effectively with the customer in reference to repairs, price and recommendations. I strongly recommend Car Lovers to anyone. My personal experience has been Exceptional. I am always left feeling great and satisfied not to mention my car’s difference!