5 Things Every Car Owner Must Always be Aware of

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Owning a car brings with it a lot of responsibilities. If you have a love for cars, as most of us do, just buying them won’t ever be enough, for it is so very necessary to always be mindful of certain matters in relation to your vehicle. In this blog, we mention a few of the basic things that every car-loving owner must always keep in mind in order to maintain their beloved vehicle in tip-top shape at all times. 

  • Engine Oil – People often have the misconception that the engine oil is only required to burn the car fuel when the fact of the matter is it has other important functions. It is effectively useful in cooling, cleaning and lubricating your car’s engine. Your engine oil is so pivotal in the smooth functioning of your vehicle. Refilling or changing the oil after a moderate period of driving time is thereby of such great importance in ensuring the seamless operation and protection of your engine. Absence of the adequate required amount of engine oil or when its condition is black & stale leads to three major setbacks – oxidation, thermal degradation and compressive heating resulting in the accumulation of soot, tar, sludge, etc., in the engine of your car. These deposits in turn act as a negatively restrictive barrier in the smooth circulation of oil, greatly accentuating the chances of overheating and costly damages to your engine. 
  • Spare Tire – Your spare tire is provided not just to give your SUV a sporty, all-terrain touch. It happens to be of immense help and sometimes a lifesaver in today’s world in the event you ever catch a flat tire, especially when you’re all alone faraway in a ghost town road, particularly at night. It is therefore so essential that you check and make sure to carry with you at all times in your car a properly inflated spare tire and that you familiarize yourself with the process of changing tires so as to ensure a safe and secure journey.
  • Vehicle Fluids – As a car owner you should be familiar and aware of the various necessary fluids that help in the smooth functioning of your vehicle and also protect & preserve its parts. There are five most important fluids which should be checked regularly to prevent any of many troubles in your car. We have listed their names below:
  1. Coolant
  2. Engine Oil
  3. Brake Fluid
  4. Power Steering Fluid
  5. Windshield Washer Fluid
  • Shocks and Struts – These are the parts responsible for making your rides smooth and comfortable. Therefore, if you hear a rattling noise while driving over bumps in the road or if your car is rocking back and forth from time to time and the car feels rough, rugged and uncomfortable to your body when running over the slightest bump, there exists the most complete likelihood that at least one of your shocks and struts is worn out and defective, meaning it must be replaced immediately.
  • Brakes – Brakes are the premier safety feature that can NEVER be overlooked because the first and most important area of focus when it comes to driving a vehicle is always the safety and security of the lives of everyone in the vehicle as well as everyone you are compelled to drive in close proximity to while driving. Ergo, it is an indisputable must that your braking system be at every single moment in tip-top shape!

Now, knowing all such important information in detail…, regular maintenance might seem to be a difficult burden of responsibility to you. The primary reason for it likely being not just your lack of experience in the practice of such vital measures but also your lack of time due to today’s hectically tight life schedules. In that event, you just simply have to rely on professional car maintenance services. Located in Brooklyn and servicing the entire New York City area, Car Lovers Automotive always provides the most ideal solutions to all your issues related to your cars. We have the best experts empowered with the capability of maintaining, repairing and installing all the car parts your vehicle may be in need of and which have been discussed above. So why continue to worry when you always have available and eagerly at your service the best-experienced expert professionals in the industry awaiting your request for an ASAP appointment? The love your car has for you will be on par with the love and appreciation it will eternally have for Car Lovers Automotive.

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