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We are expanding to meet all the needs of our clients, greatly reduced stress with high-quality repairs.

Your loyal patronage is important to all of us here at Car Lovers Automotive. This letter is simply to keep all our valued clients informed on all the great programs we are creating to enhance your auto services experience. Our goal is not limited to only repairing your vehicle, but also to ensure you receive the customer service that fully pleases you and leaves you in complete satisfaction because that is our gratifying goal in each of our repair performances. We are always with you in mind working to make things more convenient for you.

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Car Lovers

Over the last year, our shop has expanded to the technological modernity of the Internet. Yeayyy! Just another option for you to keep in contact with your caring, reliable mechanical technicians, for you always are an integral member of our huge Car Lovers Automotive Family! Check out our new website. We are on Facebook and Twitter as well. Please like our Facebook page (Car Lovers Automotive) and please kindly follow us on twitter (@CarloversAuto) too. We would love it if you kindly please write reviews about us! We appreciate them so greatly, it will let us know exactly what you precious clients need and want, and what actions we need to take to keep you satisfied.


 New Benefits and Services

 Here is a list of some of our new services – if you are interested please never hesitate to contact us with your inquiries and suggestions.

  • Diesel Inspection- We are now licensed by the state of NYC to conduct diesel inspections.
  • Inspection Reminding Services- We will contact you before your inspection expires to avoid any extra headaches and fees.
  • Auto Club- Some services are complementary from our shop, but the premium package consists of discounts and services for a yearly fee.

We Do Body Work

If you have not yet stopped by 22 Berriman Street then please do so at your earliest convenience. This new shop is called Go Green Auto Service Corp., but is owned and operated by Car Lovers Automotive’s very own certified technicians. Just let it be known that you have read this newsletter, and you automatically benefit from a ten-dollar discount on your next service. We thank you so much for your continued patronage which is so highly valued by all of us.


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