Car Noises That Should be Reason of Great Concern for You

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The sound of a running car quite clearly and extensively manifests the vehicle’s state of health. If your car is making weird noises, it is high time to pay heed to them and promptly find their cause and fix it right away, …as in your car’ sceaming at you it is clearly telling you something is terribly wrong that you must no doubt take quick and proper care of in everything, have it fixed ASAP so it won’t lead you to scary headaches, nightmares, and costly expenses, etc., that you always worry about and couldn’ve avoided. These peculiar noises require your immediate attention and addressing.  Experts say that listening to your car is very important as it can be a clue to timely find any repairs necessary that generally lead to any of the many expensive malfunctions in the machinery of the vehicle. 

In this blog we have provided a few car noises that require immediate attention and care.

  • Grinding or squealing brakes – The common noise which can be heard in cars is the one and could have been avoided, such as those produced by the brakes. This is caused due to worn down brake pads or shoes. If the brake pad doesn’t have the adequate thickness to keep the metal components from touching each other, a squealing or grinding sound is produced. Replacement of the worn-out brake pads is effective in solving this issue. If ignored for a long time, it can lead to brake failure. The reason behind this is very simple when the brake parts get worn out they lose the effectiveness to a great extent. Other reasons for squealing noises in the brakes may be due to the improper mounting of brake calipers. 
  • Chirping or hissing engine – Overheating of a car engine can lead to the production of a hissing or chirping noise. Besides this there can be various other leading reasons that listed  below:
  1. Plugging of catalytic converter
  2. Leakage of engine fluids into the hot exhaust parts
  3. Leakage of vacuum
  4. Loosening of the serpentine belt in the engine

In any of these cases, proper attention should be invested immediately to prevent future damages.

  • Rattling wheels – Rattling noise in the wheels indicates that there is a problem in the way they have been attached to your car. Many a time, you might be able to hear a word noise coming out of your steering wheel. This can be caused due to decrease or low power in the steering fluid. Damaged components in the steering column are also considered to be a very common cause. Fixing of these parts should be done immediately to ensure safety.

You should now be fully aware of the various car noises that demand your diligent attention. It should be noted that all this issues can be easily avoided by indulging the regular vehicle maintenance. There are numerous stores that offer wonderful automobile maintenance services at an affordable price. If you are looking for such a place in Brooklyn, New York, Car Lovers Automotive is the very finest you can find as your perfect choice the Big Apple. We provide the excellent one-stop shop vehicle maintenance services to keep your car in the perfect shape always at rock bottom prices.

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