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Are you one of the over one billion car owners trying your hardest to take the best care of your beloved vehicle? Indeed, having a car today is not just a status symbol, but also a great necessity as well. Purchasing a vehicle is just the beginning of your responsibilities and expenditures. It is simply the beginning. Regular maintenance of your vehicle on a timely basis no later than when it’s due is so very important. It is an ongoing process, much like raising a child. You need to always be mindful and meticulous with all the regular maintenance and preventive measures you partake in to avoid any sort of problem or incident with your vehicle. Are you looking for the most convenient and effective automotive maintenance and repair shop nearest you in Brooklyn? Then promptly reach out to Car Lovers Automotive Inc., for we provide thoroughly complete one-stop auto care solution services to clients with our highly trained experienced technicians and mechanics.  

Right from the simplest service such as tire service or an oil change to the more complex ones such as transmission repair, engine repair and so much more…, we offer the best, most complete one-stop auto care services in Kings County. Everything we do for you we do precisely and properly. We are renowned for our caring, reliability, honesty, and customer-friendliness. 

Our credibility lies in all our wholesome gifted attributes offering complete top-quality auto inspection, repair and maintenance services for all vehicles, domestic and foreign alike. We utilize the latest equipment to perform your vehicle’s diagnosis, repair(s) and maintenance, and we do give special safety checks to all our clients. Our special safety check lists include, but are not limited to, checking of the battery and charging system, brakes, tires and front end, all fluid levels and some much more. With our coupons you are able to enjoy all this, and our coupons are also valid for the repairs of most of the vehicles wisely brought to us.


Don’t worry if your vehicle is not running in good condition. We are a one stop repair shop engaged in repairing and maintenance of your vehicles.We go the extra mile to help our customers get outstanding automotive repair and maintenance services.  

Whatever your concern is associated with either auto inspection, general maintenance or engine repair- we are here to cater all your automotive needs.

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