How to Care for Your Car in the Summer

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Summer winds have started to blow their hello already. Just like every season, there are summer-specific ways to take care of your car in the summer. The high temperatures and scorching sun take a toll on vehicles. In this blog, we have jotted down the steps or tips to be followed by you to keep your car summer-ready. Go through them to become a pro in these matters. 

  • Keep your battery ready for high temperatures – Problems with the car battery not just happen during the freezing months of winter. The fun fact is, summer can have an even more negative impact on your car battery than freezing temperatures. Always remember that vibration and heat are the worst enemies of batteries and lead to serious internal breakdowns of the battery. Safely mounting the car battery minimizes the chances of failure. Another problem related to your car battery is the evaporation of its battery fluid. This leads to corrosion on connection and terminals. It is advisable to clean any sort of corrosive build-up from the battery terminals and cable clamps. Also, make sure that the clamps are tight and do not budge.
  • Keep the engine cool – You should also ensure that your car engine remains cool during the summer. Every car has a cooling system that protects the machine from overheating. Checking the coolant level and replacing it (when necessary) helps you prevent such issues. Also, never try to remove the radiator cap while the engine is still hot. Boiling coolant under pressure causes serious harm. 
  • Inflate the car tires properly – Driving a car with under-inflated tires leads to serious problems. These include overheating of tires and also increases the chances of a blowout, especially when the temperature is really high. You should check the tire pressure at least once a month and fill in when required.
  • Ensure that all fluid levels are proper – The car machinery consists of various fluids that maintain the proper functioning of the vehicle. The primary function of these fluids is to lubricate and they also act as coolants by helping to carry heat away from the critical components. So it is very important for you to check all the motor oil, vehicle fluids, coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid, transmission fluid, etc. 
  • Be ready for summer breakdowns – Even after adopting various preventive measures, there always still remains a high chance of vehicle breakdowns during the summer. Hence, you should have a well-stocked emergency kit as an effective assistance during a breakdown. The kit should consist of non-perishable food items, water, flashlight with extra batteries, jumper cables, basic hand tools and a complete first aid kit. Always be sure to have a spare tire, a jack and a lug wrench; it’s also helpful to carry a gallon of water in case of overheating and a flat tire spray can adhesive that during flat tires you simply spray into your flat tire and its adhesive powers immediately seals your flat tire.

By now you must be fully aware of the tips that make your car life so much easier, safer and secure during the summer so you can fully enjoy your traditional cross-state/cross-country summer trips visiting loved ones and vacationing and site-seeing, etc. Though, it is always advisable and best to rely on experts from vehicle maintenance and repair shops to take care of everything with your car for you. Here at Car Lovers Automotive, we provide world-class professional assistance with auto maintenance. Our complete one-stop shop successfully resolves everything having to do with any vehicle, whether foreign or domestic, in the highest quality at the lowest prices. It’s a win-win situation for you and your precious car that you nor anyone just can’t beat! Car Lovers Automotive’s specialist technicians are here to fulfill every one of all your automotive requirements to your complete satisfaction. Therefore, whenever you are looking for a complete elite auto repair center in Brooklyn, get in touch with us.

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