How to Tell When It’s Time for an Oil Change

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General maintenance of your car involves several procedures which include fluid services, trip inspections, maintenance inspections, etc. However, many of us neglect to change the oil in our car because we simply forget to do so. Oil changing is a quick and fairly simple procedure when performed by experts like Car Lovers Automotive. Lubrication is something that is so important in maintaining the efficiency and wellbeing of your car. Fresh clean oil enhances the performance of your vehicle to its highest level.

 Fresh oil lubricates other areas of your vehicle and optimizes your car’s performance by maintaining the great health status of your engine. But, with the rolling miles over time your oil starts breaking down, turning dark, stale and ineffective, at which time you must replace it with new oil before you experience the symptoms listed below:

Burned Oil Smell:

If you smell oil or oil fumes in your car, it could be indicative of a leakage. That will clearly indicate to you that your car requires an immediate oil change. Thus, when you encounter this problem schedule your maintenance pronto.

Engine Noise:

The basic mission of lubricating oil is to maintain a layer between engine parts to prevent friction between the parts. But if your engine is producing noise then it’s an indication that your lubricating oil is not properly performing its job. The worst symptom is when your engine is knocking.

Translucent Smoke from Exhaust:

Translucent smoke exits from your exhaust pipe when there’s a faulty engine or an oil leak.

Check Engine or Oil Change Light:

The most common indicator of the status of your oil is the oil change light which illuminates in the dashboard of the car itself. When your car is turned off, cool, and parked on a level surface, you use a dipstick to check your oil level. If your oil still maintains its healthy original color and hasn’t darkened, then in the meantime you can just complete the amount of oil that the dipstick indicates your engine is missing. In the most urgent cases your car’s oil status light will show it’s a high alert for your car. If you face this problem you must promptly schedule your maintenance. An oil change is one of the most important thing you can do to prevent your car’s engine mechanism from aging prematurely.

So now you ask yourself on whom can you rely upon for oil maintenance services. We at Car Lovers Automotive will love to help your car and show you why we should always be the ones you entrust with all your car’s needs. A great lubricating system makes sure that your engine’s chances of suffering a breakdown in the midst of your journey are minimized basically to zilch. All you have to do is contact your experts here at Car Lovers Automotive and we perfectly handle your car’s every need at the most reasonable prices you’ll ever find. You’ll be so relieved and delighted in knowing we have your back and you can always count on us without having to waste your valuable time searching elsewhere only to find more expensive yet lesser quality of work services. Car Lovers Automotive… the one and only! (718)257-8210


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