How to Know What is Leaking Based on the Fluid Color?

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Leakage is a very common problem faced by car owners. Going through this blog will help you determine what’s leaking from your car by taking a good look of the fluid color. Not every person is a car expert, hence these tricks can be immensely helpful to them. 

Amber, Black or Brown

If the leakage from your vehicle is amber black or brown in color, it must be the engine oil. The engine oil is generally amber in color when it is fresh. It can also be brown or black if the engine oil hasn’t been changed in a long period of time. You should be aware of the fact that engine oil leaves a slickness on one’s fingers which cannot be easily wiped off. This is one of the most common types of leaks found in cars. 

Clear, Light brown, Yellow, Brown

The brake fluid is clear when it is fresh. With time the color might turn yellow, light brown and then brown as the brake fluid generally darkens with age. This fluid is very slick and you advised to not ignore the leakage of brake fluid for a long time.

Reddish or Red

This indicates leakage of power steering fluid. In case you see this kind of a leakage, check the fluid level in the power steering reservoir and look for leaks in it.

Bright or Dark Red / Orange

This can be caused due to leakage of transmission fluid. This fluid is generally a hue of red and varies from bright to dark. The transmission fluid is slick. Some of this fluid comes in other colors such as orange,  etc. 

Green, Yellow or Pink

The engine coolant used in cars can be green, yellow or pink in color. To check if there is a leak of this fluid you should give a look at the coolant overflow tank. This fluid is mostly slimy in nature and has a sweet smell.


The windshield washer fluid is mostly blue in color. Leakage can be caused due to degradation of tubes from the reservoir for usage over a notable span of time. 

Now, you must be aware of what color indicates leakage of which particular car fluid. Ignorance of leaking fluids can lead to serious damage in future. Therefore, you should take care of such issues immediately while there is ample time in your hands. To do so, you can choose to take your car to a nearby car maintenance shop. Also taking your car for regular checkups and general maintenance can turn out to be very helpful in avoiding all such circumstances.

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