How to Prolong the Life of Your Car

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Most car owners are unaware of how to maintain their vehicles in a proper manner. Regular maintenance in a timely manner when such maintenance is due is the key effective factor behind great performance and protection of your car’s mechanisms from abrupt damage. In this blog, we provide all the necessary information related to taking proper care of your car. It is advised you go through it rigorously in detail. Executing all such steps will help your car last a long time in great performance and state.

  • Change of Oil – The major function of oil is to act as a lubricant and cool the car engine. This helps prevent any sort of overheating of the engine. A clear inference can be drawn from the previous two lines that change of engine oil after a certain period of time is a must. Experts say with resolve that the engine oil must be changed after approximately every 3000 miles of driving.
  • Change of Car Fluids – Engine oil is not the only vital fluid in a car. Other vehicle fluids which include brake fluid, radiator coolant, power steering fluid, and transmission fluid should also be changed regularly when due. Neglecting the checking of all such fluid levels and conditions during servicing and not fixing problems such as leaks will lead to the occurrence of other more complicated expensive malfunctions.
  • Replace the Filters – As the name suggests, an air filter’s function is to filter or clean the air of dust and other pollutants and allergens. Therefore it is necessary to change your air filters from time to time whenever they are due changing. In the case of air filters, the span of replacement depends on the kind of environment you drive in as well as how many miles you have driven with the old filter. When it comes to engine oil filters these should be replaced at the time of your oil change so that your oil change may be a complete one.
  • Check your Car Tires – Tires are responsible for allowing direct and only contact between car and road. They are the ones who undergo and withstand all the friction of your heavy vehicle rolling miles upon miles over all sorts of terrain. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly inspect their condition as well as the amount of air in them. This helps secure the safety, comfort and smoothness of your long drives while also keeping your car fuel-efficient.

In this era of deadlines and hectic schedules, execution of all such steps might seem an impossibility to you. On the other hand, foregoing these steps when your car is due and needs them at their regular intervals can lead to serious damage and even accidents. Thus emerges the role or need of professional car maintenance services. You can choose to get all the aforementioned steps performed exactly when they’re due and needed by your car by simply hiring the vehicle maintenance services offered by auto repair shops. If you are a pragmatic Brooklynite or from the New York City area and are in need of great, complete auto maintenance, then Car Lovers Automotive should be your first pick. Once you experience us you loyally stick with us for your entire life, because we offer a one-stop superior solution to all requirements related to your vehicle at the most unbeatable modest prices. Yes indeed, every one of all the complete services offered by us unfailingly is always of premium quality at an affordable price to the complete delight and satisfaction of every one of our esteemed clients. So worry no more if you have been experiencing difficulties maintaining your car properly, for we are here to do it all on your behalf making your vehicle the happiest of patients. (718)257-8210

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