How to Protect Your Car during COVID-19 pandemic

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The global, invasive spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 virus pandemic has put the entire world in a paralyzing chokehold standstill of panic and preventive measures. Governments all across the world have placed strict measures on citizens to control and slow down the spread of this deadly pathogen. As a result, even our vehicles are being used less than customary; folks are dedicating more time and effort in disinfecting them than actually driving them. Parking it in the garage or the driveway for a long period of idle time can lead to the occurrence of certain issues. This can be avoided, though, with the investment of minimal efforts. In the blog, we discuss the tips that, if applied, help you keep your car in a good state during this quarantine phase. Go through it to stay on your feet and avoid troubles.

The first and foremost step is to start your car engine at least a few times a week. The engine must be kept running for a good amount of minutes and someone should even press the gas pedal a few times to kickstart it. This will certainly be helpful to your car to keep it in good driving condition. Also, try to drive the car around the neighborhood or once around the block if the law permits you to. This is very important to the car especially if it is old as age makes it more prone and susceptible to such problems.

You should check the air pressure on the tires on a regular basis as well. It is recommended to not let the pressure level go beyond the normal. The areas to be maintained with priority can be found in your driver’s manual as well as easy-to-follow maintenance instructions specific to your vehicle make and model.  You can also search for all this information online. You might be thinking about how you can inflate your car tires at home. Well, you can purchase compressors and electric inflators online. Do not forget to give your brakes a look-see while checking your tires.

Ensuring that your vehicle is clean also helps avoid serious damages. Your car is bound to get dirty with time and it is never advisable to let it be like that for a long time. Wash it after 2-3 days so that the dirt collected doesn’t stick to the car body; once it sticks is when the damaging process begins.

You should also clean the interior of the car cabin, and with this pandemic lurching you must try to use a good disinfectant and sanitizer to clean the interior of your vehicle. If you don’t, there are very high chances of the bacteria thriving on your seat. It can also lead to your car smelling bad. Choose to buy professional cabin cleaning detergents online. These detergents are cheap but are efficient in killing germs. 

These are some of the tips that will help you keep your car in good condition during the COVID-19 pandemic. There are also certain auto service shops that are open for business, still providing vehicle maintenance and repair service. If you feel there is something very wrong with your car or that you think you’re not properly maintaining it by yourself, then don’t wait any longer to contact an expert. In the event you are looking for a reliable auto maintenance and repair service center in Brooklyn, New York City, Car Lovers Automotive is your ideal choice. We are a world-class, full-loaded and equipped one-stop shop that meets EVERY ONE of all vehicle requirements, and we do so with the highest quality at all times and the best prices in the region.

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