How to Repair a Car’s Gearbox

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The gearbox is one of the major components of a vehicle. The gears make sure that your car moves smoothly to allow you immense driving pleasure. The gearbox is part of the transmission system. After a considerable period of time and mileage, the transmission and its components begin to wear out and thus break. The way to repair such transmission issues is dependent upon the cause of transmission. In this blog, we have covered the ways of repairing the gearbox of your car. Read it thoroughly read to end all uncertainties regarding this particular subject matter.

  • Transmission fluids must be checked – Inspection of the transmission fluid in the engine bay has to be regularly executed. You might find that the fluid level has decreased, in which case you must refill it immediately. Deficiency or depletion in the fluid level leads to difficulties in shifting gears. You are likely to hear grinding sounds while shifting gears.
  • Replace the necessary parts – At times replacement of the problematic gear synchros that are responsible for housing the gears in the transmission system is necessary. The symptoms of worned out gear synchros are difficulty in moving from one gear to another and loud grinding or squealing noises during all shifting, upshifts and downshifts. Though this is not all that expensive to replace, neglecting to do so can lead to damage to the rest of the gearbox.
  • Inspection of differential and drivetrain components – This is another method to check if something is wrong with the gearbox and its associated parts. Proper functioning of the differential and drivetrain components is very important as it interacts directly with the car’s gearbox. Poor gearbox performance or bumpy shifting can be caused due to low differential fluid, broken driveshafts, and/or worn-out differentials. Replacement of the damaged parts will resolve all issues and provide you an excellent driving experience. 

The transmission is one of the most crucial sections of a vehicle’s machinery. Therefore, it is advisable to have it checked or repaired properly by trained professionals with experience. There are numerous shops providing good vehicle maintenance and repair services at fairly affordable prices. Car Lovers Automotive, located in Brooklyn, New York City, is a one-stop shop that handles it all exemplarily. We ensure that your car feels and looks brand new at its best when it is fortunate enough to land in our expert, caring hands. So don’t panic anymore thinking your beloved vehicle has turned into a disappointing jalopy of a headache, for all you have to do is wisely bring it to us and blindly entrust the very best with all your car’s work needs. Car Lovers Automotive  – the incomparable One and Only. You bring your vehicle to us once and you’ll continue to loyally keep bringing it to us for always!

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