How to Take Care of Your Car’s Paint

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Every car owner wants their vehicle to look brand new because a car is representative of its owner and most owners love their vehicles and are proud of them. The shining paint of a buffed and waxed car is a thing of beauty. In this blog, we provide you with the ways to be adopted to take the best care of the paint of your beloved car.

It is always manifest that due to daily use and especially if the car is frequently parked where the sun’s rays are constantly showering it intensely, a car’s paint often becomes bland and loses its shine and polish. So give the tips provided below a thorough read to learn how to keep the impeccable look of your vehicle intact.

  • Wash it regularly – Washing your car on a regular basis is perhaps the best way to maintain its brand new look. You are advised to use a high-quality car soap or shampoo made specifically for vehicles and apply it on the body with a soft foam sponge in straight lines. It should never be applied in a circular motion. Do not forget to rinse it with clean water. You should then completely dry your car properly using a soft cloth. Leaving the car to dry itself is harmful to the paint as water has calcium and mineral content that ruin the surface of your vehicle over time. Therefore, use a microfibre towel to completely dry your car’s body properly. Using bathroom towels, paper towels and rags can leave scratches on the body of your car.
  • Use car wax – Applying wax on the car body provides a protective layer on top of the car paint. It guards the paint against pollution, dust, dirt, water, and other substances harmful to your car’s paint. It should be noted that wax can even be used to also cover up minor scratches and blemishes.
  • Park your car in the shade – The ultraviolet rays from the sun can do serious damage to the car paint and very quickly because sunlight oxidizes and in turn faints the paint on your car. Ergo, you are advised to always keep your car out of the sun.
  • Choose to use synthetic coating – Paint sealant, also known as synthetic coating, is considered to be an effective alternative to car wax. It basically acts as a protective shield and helps you prevent the fading of your car’s paint. 

If you are still confused or uncertain about how to take proper care of your car’s paint, then rely on autobody and collision shops. This will not only save you time and effort but, by receiving professional servicing, you are ensuring that your car’s paint will achieve results at its optimum. Here at Brooklyn’s own Car Lovers Automotive, we are specialists in autobody, paint, and collision work so we are experts in dealing with and understanding car paint and maintaining its impeccable wholeness and beauty. Your wish is our command and we go the extra mile to ensure the complete satisfaction of all our valued clients. Car Lovers Automotive is a complete world-class one-stop auto service center whose experts successfully handle every paint-related difficulty your car experiences. To know more you should wisely go through our website. There’s good reason we’re #1 in the Big Apple!

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