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The end of winter marks the advent of spring. It is an amazing season that breathes new life all around us in the world. But good times do not exempt us of all our responsibilities and the same law applies to your car. Spring is perhaps the best time to go out and enjoy long drives. But before doing so, you need to ensure that your car is ready for spring. Months of ice, cold sleet, road salt, etc., always take a heavy toll on our vehicles that can cause serious damage to them at any given moment. So when you’re proactive you naturally ask yourself how can you avoid all such issues. In this blog, we cover everything regarding all the tips you should put into practice to keep your car in its best condition during spring.

  • Check your Car Tires – Winters are very brutal on your car tires. Most people switch to snow tires during the winter season. If you are one of them then it’s time to return to the tires that are suitable for a warmer, dryer climate. In case your car has all-season tires then all you need to do is check the tire treads to confirm and ensure that there are treads left and in decent shape. If not, it is advisable you change your tires immediately.
  • Take it for a Proper Wash Before taking your car out for a lovely spin in the new spring season, it is necessary to first give it a good wash. Regular washing helps remove road salt, grit, and grime that eventually cause damage. Accumulation of rock salt and dust particles in your car’s underbody is the primary cause of corrosion. 
  • Change your Car’s Wiper Blades The chilly winter season is really tough on your car’s wiper blades and windshield. Their task of wiping the snow away from your windshield is not an easy one. Hence by the beginning of spring, the wipers start making a squeaky noise and leaving streaks on the windshield. Therefore, it is highly recommended you replace your wiper blades in a timely fashion, so you can see clearly via a thoroughly clean windshield plus prevent expensive damage to your windshield.
  • Replace your Engine Oil – This is a vital must precaution if you want to preserve your engine and have your car perform much better. It is advisable to change your engine oil after approximately every 3000 miles driven. Winters are also unforgivingly rough on the car engines themselves, resulting in their susceptibility to serious damage. Therefore, checking the engine oil level and completing its fillup to its required level or changing it entirely if necessary is a must to experience a smooth ride. You must also never forget to change your oil filters to ensure your oil change is complete.
  • Check Other Car Fluids – Besides the engine oil there are several other fluids that form the makeup that ensures the smooth functioning of your car. These include power steering fluid, transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant, etc. When you go for car maintenance and repairs when spring is about to begin, it is advised all your different fluid levels be checked and replaced accordingly as necessary.
  • Replace Air Filters – The primary function of air filters is to ensure or facilitate clean air is what’s entering your car engine. A lot of pollutants are deposited in these filters during winter, blocking the passage of air and resulting in overheating of the car engine. Therefore be sure to include the replacement of your old air filters when you take your car for vehicle maintenance. 

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