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Car tires ensure the three major things that are comfort, safety, and control. That’s why before every long drive we must ensure that the tire has been inflated properly and is in a proper state. Maintaining proper tire pressure is the key factor to secure your long drives. PSI is the standard unit which is used to measure air pressure inside the car tire. You can use air pressure gauges to measure the tire pressure of your vehicle. These tools are inexpensive and can be found in any gas station or auto parts store. The desired tire pressure you should maintain is between 30 to 32 PSI. The proper amount of pressure must always be maintained in the tires, because both underinflation and overinflation can cause a lot of problems. In this blog, we have provided all the information on the consequences faced by you due to improper inflation of car tires.The car tires become very stiff and rigid in case of overinflation. As a result, the footprints of the car tire are reduced. This in turns leads to less control on the car and increases the probability of tire damage when it comes in contact with debris or potholes. Due to the excess pressure of the car tire, there is also the risk of an explosive flat tire. 


Improper inflation of tires can be the reason for numerous problems. The first and foremost thing is the imbalance in the car movement. The tire will slowly lose its form as less tire pressure results in an increase of rubber meeting the roadway. Driving with improperly inflated tires reduces its life span by 25%. Other consequences include a reduction in fuel economy, lack of vehicle control,  etc.

Taking proper care of your car tire and pressure might be difficult for you without any proper knowledge about the particular vehicle part. In that case, you can get them checked by visiting the local shop providing auto maintenance and vehicle inspection. Car Lovers Automotive,  located in Brooklyn, New York, provides solutions to solve any crisis related to your car. So do not worry anymore and rely on the best service available at an affordable price.

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