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As we have mentioned in previous blogs, the regular maintenance of vehicles is necessary to maximize their performance and lifespan/longevity. In this blog, we provide you with a maintenance checklist to help you prevent the chances of heavy expensive repairs. Keeping your car in good condition requires a bit of effort. If you can take some time off your daily schedule and invest it to check the vehicle parts mentioned below in this blog, the chances of any breakdowns will wholly decrease.

  • Coolant and oil levels – This is one of the basic steps that have to be followed by you to maintain your precious vehicle. You just need to check the oil and coolant levels of your car on a regular basis. You must also remember to do it only when the engine is cool. It must be noted that low levels of either cause damage to your engine. 
  • Air filter – The sole function of the air filter is to regulate the airflow into your car engine from outside. It also keeps debris and other substances away from your engine. Now you have an idea of the importance of changing air filters from time to time. This step increases fuel efficiency and decreases harmful emissions from your vehicle. Replacing air filters when required prolongs your engine’s lifespan as well.
  • Tire pressure and tread depth – Tires are the only car part that stays in direct contact with the road. Therefore, it is necessary to take proper care of your car tires. Well-maintained tires make for a safer, more secure ride, increase fuel efficiency, and offer several other perks as well. You should check the tire pressure every month before going on long trips. Your tire treads must also be checked for they determine the grip of the tires with/on the road.
  • Headlights, brake lights, parking lights – It is imperative that all the lights of your vehicle function properly, not just to prevent the cops from having a reason to pull you over, search your car, and give you summonses, but for safety reasons more importantly. Many a time we tend not to take note of certain dysfunctions that can cause accidents when the car is on move. Therefore, check the lighting system once every month.
  • Apply wax on the exterior body of your car – Waxing your car after a wash keeps the car glossily shiny and makes it look brand new, but it also works as a protective layer that protects the paint from getting faded. This is the most viable way to prevent rust deposition and corrosion. 

You can also wisely choose to take your beloved car to a nearby professional auto center. There are various shops that provide car maintenance and repair services that might make your rides smoother and more secure. In the event you are looking for a reliable auto repair center in Brooklyn, New York City, Car Lovers Automotive should be your first choice. We promise you that once you experience Car Lovers Automotive, you never again will allow anyone else to touch your precious car. We are a complete world-class one-stop auto service center that always offers the best highest-quality service at the most pocket-friendly prices around. So the next time you face any issues with your beloved car or want to provide your car with the very best of the best in vehicle servicing, give us a call. We are always here for you and your wish is our command!

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