Know the Steps to Clean Your Car Window

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Clean car windows determine if your car looks hygienic and brand new. Now, it may sound like an easy task but can feel quite tough. The irregular shape and angle of your car windows make it a difficult task. Moreover, you should have detailed knowledge as some cleaners can do more harm to the windows than good. With the help of right supplies and a few effective techniques, your car windows can look brand new in no time. In this blog, we have provided you with certain useful information regarding the particular subject matter. Therefore, give this blog a diligent read and put an end to all doubt on how to properly clean your car windows. 

  • When you are cleaning or washing your car, it is advisable to save the windows for last. This is a basic step that prevents you from having to do surplus work. Cleaning the car window in the end also helps to avoid contamination with smudges and grime.
  • You should never forget to pull your car into the shade while cleaning the windows. It should be noted that as the car bodies are generally made of metal, they absorb the heat pretty quickly. This makes the entire process of cleaning difficult, as it might feel hot to touch. Also if the car becomes too hot to touch, it can result in the water or cleaner being used becoming evaporated very quickly.
  • It is advisable to first collect all the supplies required before starting with the process of cleaning. You should be aware of the fact that ammonia based window cleaners can have a damaging effect on your car windows. Therefore, you should visit a hardware or vehicle maintenance store to buy proper glass cleaners that have been formulated for such purposes. The supplies that should be required are listed below:
    • Vehicle glass cleaner
    • A bucket
    • Distilled water
    • Wiper treatment
    • Sponge
  • Cleaning the front and rear windows are the most difficult of the windows to be cleaned due to size and angles. You must mix your cleaner and spray it onto your car windows. You can also choose to apply it from a bucket with the help of a sponge. Do not forget to wipe the front windshield and rear window with a clean cloth. You are advised to clean the windows in different directions to get rid of smudges and missed spots.
  • This is to bring to your attention the fact that in some places the minerals in the groundwater such as lime, magnesium, calcium can lead to the appearance of spots in your car windows. In that case, you should clean the spots as soon as possible. If ignored, these hard water spots can etch the glass of your car.

Performing such a task can be difficult as it demands investment of time and effort. You can choose to have your car maintained by having it undergo general maintenance at an automobile maintenance and repair shop. If you are looking for such a shop in Brooklyn, New York, choose to rely on Car Lovers Automotive. We offer top-notch complete services at an affordable price.

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