Know Ways to Take Care of Your Automatic Transmission

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The transmission is a major and vital part of your car’s machinery. You should be aware of the fact that transmission repairs are relatively costly, which is why you want to stay updated with the maintenance of your tranny to prevent all this. A complete breakdown of the system would require the services of a transmission repair specialist if it can be fixed, if not then a replacement is in order. 

As we’ve told you, taking proper care of your transmission system helps you avoid costly transmission repairs. In this blog, we have penned the ways to properly maintain the automatic transmission system of your car. 

  • Check the transmission fluid – You should check the transmission fluid in your car. In the case of certain vehicles such as SUVs, light trucks, etc., the transmission fluid should be checked along with the engine oil. A low level of transmission fluid can be caused due to leakage; you should then refill it to prevent any damage to the transmission. And then check the transmission level again in 3-4 days and if it’s already back to a low level you must promptly take your vehicle to an auto repair center to have your transmission checked and repaired because something is wrong with it (a leakage) if the fluid level becomes so low so soon. The fluid is bright red in color and has a sweet smell to it. If you find the fluid to be murky, dark-colored and smelling like rotten fish, just know that you need to immediately take your car to an expert and that a complete transmission fluid change or replacement is very likely.
  • Use the right type of transmission fluid – Using the right kind and quality of transmission fluid is a must. The transmission fluid is sold in accordance to the specifications of the particular vehicle, so be sure you purchase the correct transmission fluid for your tranny. To do so, you should read the car owner’s manual. If you still remain confused or unsure, then don’t hesitate to consult a professional.
  • Take proper care of the cooling system – The cooling system of your car is responsible for maintaining a regular, consistently set temperature and avoid any sort of engine overheating. But many are unaware of the fact that the cooling system also ensures cooling of the transmission fluid pumped through the gearbox. Therefore, you must regularly seek servicing for the cooling system.
  • Have the transmission flushed – Changing of the transmission fluid is often required. Experts say that the fluid should be flushed at least once a year. The time period between your transmission flushes depends on the operating temperature of the car and miles you’ve driven your vehicle since the last flush. Ideally, your car’s transmission should be flushed every 60,000 miles; however, an automatic transmission may need to be flushed less often than a manual one since the two components operate differently. Here at Car Lovers Automotive, we flush your car’s transmission with a Transmission Flushing Machine that drains the old fluid and holds it inside the machine while replenishing the transmission with new fluid. Unlike a simple pan drop, a flushing machine removes just about all the old fluid, including the fluid inside the torque converter.
  • Do not change gears while your car is on the move – There is no reason for you to get confused. We are recommending that you bring your vehicle to a complete halt before changing the gears from ‘drive’ to ‘reverse’ and vice versa. Not heeding this advice will simply put an abnormal strain on your car’s transmission and cause serious damage to it.
  • Warm up your car before driving – It is essential to warm your engine up for a minute before driving your car. This should be maintained during the winter.

By now you must be well aware of how to take proper care of your car’s transmission. We still recommend that you rely on a professional auto maintenance shop when it comes to maintenance, repair and all type of servicing of your car’s transmission. If you are looking for such a shop in Gotham’s Brooklyn, then confidently rely on Car Lovers Automotive. We are a world-class one-stop complete auto service center that always provides top-notch auto servicing at the most reasonable prices, and we specialize in transmissions.

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