Some Signs That Indicate You Need New Brakes

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Brakes are often deemed to be the most important parts of your vehicle, because they ensure your safety while you enjoy long drives with loved ones. Therefore, it is very necessary to pay proper attention to the barking system of your vehicle and maintain its good health. In this blog, we have provided you with the signs which indicate that you need to replace your car’s brakes. Go through it and stay ahead of the rest when this particular topic is discussed.

  • Look and listen to your brakes – This is the most viable method to identify if there is a problem with your braking system. First, you are advised to check if your brake pads have worn out. This can be easily done by looking at the pads through the spaces between the wheel spokes. 

If you are able to hear high pitched screeching noise while applying the brakes, you should know that it is high time to replace the brake pads. Many a time you might hear a squealing noise while applying the brakes, this can happen due to rusted rotors. 

  • Reduction in the responsiveness – With time and usage the brakes of your car can become a lot less responsive. This can be caused due to a leak in the braking system. In that case the brakes should be replaced in a short notice. It can be a brake fluid leak or an air leak. 
  • Pulling – If your car pulls to one particular side while braking then you should change your brakes immediately. This can be caused due to various reasons. The prominent ones being – uneven wearing of brake linings, foreign particles in the brake fluid, etc. 
  • Grinding noise – Wearing of the brake pads can cause a loud metallic grinding noise. If ignored, brake calipers and the disc rubbing against each other can scratch the rotor and in turn, cause bigger damage. Therefore get in touch with your mechanic as soon as you hear such a noise.
  • Vibration – Warped rotors can lead to vibration in the brake pedal. In such a case, don’t waste a minute to take your car for a complete check-up.

Buying a car brings in a lot of responsibilities. Keep your car in good shape and make sure to take it for general maintenance at regular intervals at Car Lovers Automotive in NYC. This will not just help you prevent any damage caused to the brakes but also ensure the well being of your beloved vehicle.

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