The Importance of a Complete Engine Tuneup

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People remain unsure about what is an engine tuneup. In this blog we provide all the information relevant to this particular subject matter. A tuneup can be defined as a necessary treatment in maintenance to ensure the good health and running of a car engine. A car should undergo this process on time on a regularly scheduled basis. Many define a car engine tuneup as the process or way of making a car engine perform at the level for which it was initially designed. In today’s world, a car lasts a notably long period of time. This has become possible due to the improved technology and designs of the vehicles of today. Engine tuneups also play a pivotal role in ensuring the best performance and gas economy of the vehicle. 

This procedure includes inspection of the carburetor, replacement of parts of the ignition system (when necessary), maintenance or replacement of spark plugs, distributor rotor, air filters, etc.

Now let’s address the elephant in the room and talk about the need for engine tuneup. In summation, this process ensures that the car is performing to the most of its capabilities. Execution of engine tuneups makes the movement of the vehicle feel very smooth and effortless, and the driver experiences this immediately upon completion of the tuneup process. Tuneups also increase the fuel efficiency and longevity of the lifespan of the vehicle and further prevent future car problems that end up being very costly.

It is recommended that every car engine undergo a tuneup after 250,000 kms of driving. Though there are certain symptoms which can prompt a tune up before the general time span. We have mentioned the symptoms in the tips below: 

  • Notable decrease in the fuel efficiency

Decrease in overall power of the car

  • Consistent stalling when the car is stopped
  • If the car remains on even after the ignition has been switched off
  • If you can hear a knocking sound while accelerating.
  • If the engine light comes on when the engine starts.

You must now be thinking about “where to go for a car engine tune-up?”. To get an easy solution you can look for the vehicle maintenance and repair stores nearby. If you are looking for such a store thatls the best in Brooklyn, New York, then get in touch with our specialists here  at Car Lover Automotive.

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