Spring is the Perfect Time to Change Your Air Filter

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Spring is the time when everyone is busy with their long list of tasks that they need to complete, such as tiring ones like dusting your house to packing up and putting away your winter gear, which consumes all your time and energy. You often neglect your car that has served you so conveniently well throughout the winter and are simply readying yourself for the summer heat.

Then again, your list may wisely also contain maintenance for your car as it should. One of the best things you can and should do for your vehicle is to change its cabin air filter. This routine task is easily overlooked quite often, so we’ve put together the top reasons why it’s actually a necessity to change our vehicle’s cabin air filter during springtime.

Problems Caused by Pollen:

The most important reason to change your cabin air filter is to prevent pollen or allergens from entering your vents due to a deteriorated filter, that can pose health risks, especially breathing problems. Thus it is indispensable that you change your cabin air filter to ensure you never breathe in any of all the pollen and allergens from outside.

Clean Car, With Clean Fresh Air Thanks to a Clean New Filter:

Your air conditioner gets a ton of work due to unpredictable weather, which ultimately places more strain than ever on your filter. If a filter isn’t changed regularly, gunk builds up and eventually starts blowing into the interior of your car. This can turn a recently detailed car into a dusty, unhealthy mess.

Efficiency Matters Quite A Lot:

A dirty filter clogs your heater core and air conditioner, greatly hindering efficiency and causing headaches and other symptoms to everyone inside the car, while a new clean cabin filter helps everyone breathe easier and fresh, soothing and keeping you all calm.

You can get your cabin air filter changed by us in a matter of no time at all and it only costs you such a moderate amount. Car Lovers Automotive will love to help you.

Since you haven’t experienced us you are uncertain as to who are the right experts to rely on. Such concerns end with Car Lovers Automotive, for we are always here to delight you by perfectly helping you with every one of your car maintenance issues and anything to do with your precious vehicle at the price that adds to your satisfaction. You can blindly rely on us, for we are the complete package for you and your car: decades of experience, integrity, caring, responsible, and so considerate in our prices, etc. We have never had a disgruntled client ever.

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