Tips to Maintain Fuel Efficiency During Winter

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We are aware of the fact that fuel economy is the major indicator that determines whether car owners take their vehicles out frequently for a lovely spin or not too frequently. In this blog we provide you with tips that help you avoid fuel inefficiency in your car drives during winter.

Winters are cold and chilly. During this season the temperature drops below the freezing point and causes fuel inefficiency in various vehicles. Expert reports say that conventional gasoline-powered vehicles experience a mileage drop of up to 12% when the temperature drops to 20 degrees. But before talking about the tips to maintain fuel efficiency during winter, let us talk about the factors that cause it: 

  • You should know that the engine requires time to reach the optimal fuel-efficient temperature. During winter, the time taken to reach the temperature is more when compared to the rest of the seasons. Hence, it leads to fuel inefficiency.
  • You should be aware of the fact that less pressure in the tires during winters reduces traction of tires. This can lead to an increased resistance and in turn causes fuel inefficiency.
  • The winter gasoline supplied by the gas stations offer less energy per gallon than regular gasoline.
  • Cold air also causes drag especially at high velocity. Therefore, aerodynamics also contribute to fuel inefficiency.

Now these were the factors that lessen fuel efficiency during winters. We will now talk about the steps to be done to avoid it:

  • Avoid short trips – As we have mentioned above, the car engine takes longer to warm up during the cold months. Therefore, driving short distances can cause fuel inefficiency.
  • Check tire pressure – You should check the tire pressure on a regular basis if you want to maintain good fuel efficiency during winters.
  • Reduce idling time – If you think that idling the engine for a long time will help you to maintain fuel economy then you are wrong. Driving helps the engine to warm up and not idling. So you are advised to strictly follow this instruction.

Apart from these tips, it is always smart to rely on vehicle maintenance and repair professionals to maintain your great fuel efficiency during the winters. Car Lovers Automotive in Brooklyn, New York City is an elite one-stop auto service center that takes pride in solving every and all issues related to your vehicle, at the most reasonable prices around. So contact us ASAP to forget all fears and be fully satisfied.

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