Tips to Properly Maintain Your Car Engine

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The optimal performance of your car depends on the good health of the engine. In order to make the car engine perform at its optimum level, it should be periodically maintained. We have talked about the need for car engine touchups in previous blogs, but here we accentuate the tips to maintain the engine of a vehicle. You should know that regular maintenance significantly reduces the chances of the need for expensive future repairs. Therefore, go through the basic tips provided in the pointers below and incorporate them into your car’s checkup routine.

  • Check the engine oil – You should keep an eye on the engine oil to ensure the healthy state of the engine. The reason behind this is pretty simple: oil is the lifeblood of a car engine. It goes without saying that the primary function of the engine oil is lubrication of numerous rotating parts. A decrease in the oil level can be caused due to various reasons. The main one is that some of the engine oil is burnt during the combustion process, usually because the oil may be bypassing the piston rings or leaking past the valve seals; piston rings get worn out from high mileage or poor maintenance  –  which would allow small amounts of engine oil past to be burnt during the combustion process. But the drop in oil level accentuates the friction that in turn causes deposition of carbon and sludge in the engine. So, it is very necessary to check the engine oil from time to time and replace it when necessary. Experts say you should change the oil after every 3000 miles of driving. It can be taken care of by simply visiting your nearest vehicle maintenance center.
  • Avoid engine overheating – This is a major issue related to the car engine. It should be noted that the fuel burnt inside the engine generates a lot of heat, which is why the cooling system is needed. The cooling system’s function is to regulate and maintain the temperature of the engine, and so malfunction of the cooling system causes overheating which in turn leads to other complications. Malfunction can be caused due to leakage of coolant. That is why you should regularly check the coolant level in the radiator. In case you cannot find the cooling system, draw reference from the car’s manual. 
  • Go for an engine tuneup – It is very important to give your car engine regular tuneups. Many a time the engine of your car can lack power and feel sluggish; this problem is resolved by giving it a good engine tuneup. An engine tuneup involves cleaning or replacement of the air filters, spark plugs, PCV valves, fuel injection system, engine throttle body, engine oil, etc. It is advisable to go for a car engine tuneup by no later than every 60,000 to 90,000 miles of driving.
  • Inspect the timing belt – This is another step that has to be taken to maintain the car engine running in a proper manner. The basic function of the timing belt is to ensure that the valves are working while the engine’s camshaft is opening and closing in time with the pistons. When the timing belt is damaged or old and worn out, it causes damage to the engine while in function. Therefore, you are advised to not only check the timing belt on a regular basis but to also change it when there are signs of wear and tear.

By now you should be fully aware of the tips that if adopted will make your car engine perform better and smoother and keep it that way. We do realize though that due to busy schedules and tight deadlines, plus the fact that most neophytes are totally unfamiliar with vehicle mechanisms even when you explain it to them  –  it’s as if you’re speaking a foreign language they can never understand  –  most of us cannot afford to invest the time and effort to follow these steps. In that case, one should rely on auto maintenance and repair centers. There are numerous such shops here in Brooklyn. Car Lovers Automotive is a world-class one-stop auto center that provides excellent car maintenance and repair services at such an affordable price. Our specialists resolve your every car need, including autobody and paint, and we always do so in timesaving, cost-effective fashion. Located in the Big Apple’s Brooklyn, NYC, Car Lovers Automotive has so many years of complete experience in everything to do with vehicles, so we are more than adept at fulfilling all your automobile requirements. Our work is never complete till you are 100% fully satisfied. At Car Lovers Automotive, your wish is our command. So next time you face any car trouble, be sure to promptly get in touch with us, though the wisest move is to bring your car in right now for inspection, diagnostics and maintenance.

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