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Car Lovers Automotive

There are people who love their cars and want to constantly upgrade them to meet the demands of changing times and/or their own personal tastes, styles or trends, etc. Whatever the reason & motivation may be, servicing and timely maintenance of cars also result in its utmost performance in the short and long run. Are you one of us car-loving folks completely devoted to our valued vehicle? If so, then also join our club of no more worries over your car repairs and maintenance. Located in Brooklyn and proudly servicing the entire New York City area and all its surrounding ones as well, Car Lovers Automotive offers every kind of personal assistance and best solutions related to everything vehicle and auto maintenance & repairs and replacements, etc.

Our own automobile servicing center was founded and opened in the year 2005 with the sheer continual passion for vehicles, after acquiring over a decade’s worth of experience working for another shop upon graduation from studying Electro-Mechanical Engineering. These factors separate Car Lovers Automotive by quite a whole lot from all the rest of our competitors as also our prime area of focus is not just business but quality, consistency, and customer-centric service we always perform to the very best of our abilities, with honor, integrity and responsibility we take great pride in. We are replenished with a team of completely highly trained professionals who always make sure our clients receive the best service at the fairest payment. No matter the task at hand, our work has never involved guessing or experimental games. A thorough diagnosis is first performed by skilled technicians to ensure absolute precision of the root of the problem that requires correcting, fixing and repairing.

No matter what vehicle you possess, be it domestic or foreign, large or small, modern or antique, you can blindly entrust us with all the work that needs to be done in upgradations, servicing, maintenance, repairs and replacements, etc. The assistance offered by us ranges from changing of tires, complete transmission services, engine repair services of every magnitude, to performance upgrades, etc. Sky’s the limit with Car Lovers Automotive for no job is ever too small or too big or rare for us to successfully complete to the full satisfaction of our client. We have all the modern & latest equipment and technology required to inspect a car and repair or transform it for its best performance. Safety is our first focus, closely followed by performance and comfort. It is why our services comprise checking your battery, brakes, tires, fluid levels, heating, and cooling system, etc. You are well-advised to go through our website at carloversautomotive.com to know everything about us and our fabulous shop. So, if you live in the New York City area or its surroundings and are seeking professional assistance in car maintenance, then contact us right away. You’re gonna love & cherish every one of your experiences with us!

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