What To Do If Your Car Overheats

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Although overheating of cars is quite a common problem, it is not a healthy sign for vehicles. There are various factors that can lead to overheating in your car. These factors are listed below:

  • Leakage in the cooling system
  • Coolant concentration
  • Bad thermostat
  • Bad radiator
  • Worn out or burst hoses
  • Improper functioning of radiator fan
  • Broken or loose belt
  • Bad water pump

It should be noted that ignoring such a problem can lead to various serious problems. Moreover, you are advised to not drive a car for more than a quarter mile if there is any sort of overheating. It should be towed to the nearest auto maintenance and repair shop as early as possible. Though there are moments when you might not be able to find such a service, or at least not close enough. In that event you should know the steps that should be taken to avoid any further damage to your vehicle. Going through this blog will help you know what to do if ever you suffer a case of vehicle overheating.

  • First, you should pull over at a safe location and then turn off the car engine.
  • You should not open the hood of your car until it has cooled down completely. 
  • You should then check the coolant level in the radiator of your vehicle. In case you are unaware of where the coolant reservoir is, look for it in the owner’s manual.
  • Special attention must be taken to ensure that the radiator cap is cool before opening it. You should twist off the cap with a towel if there is any hot steam, and immediately step away. In case of emergency, you can also fill coolant to the top of the reservoir.
  • Check that the lower and upper radiator hoses have not been blocked.
  • You should then restart the car engine.
  • Now, carefully monitor the temperature gauge of your car. If you notice that the temperature gauge crosses the optimal mark, then pull over to a safe location and turn the engine off. 

By now you must have an idea of the things that can be done if your car overheats. Though it is always advisable to rely on professional help in order to get the issues correctly resolved permanently. When it comes to vehicle maintenance and repair, who else is better than Car Lovers Automotive? We offer one-stop solutions to every crisis related to your vehicle which includes overheating as well. So why hesitate anymore? Contact our experts to experience peak professionalism at its lowest price.

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